Yaojie Lu (陆垚杰)

PhD Candidate

Chinese Information Processing Laboratory
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Room 1201, 4#  South  Fourth Street, Zhong Guan Cun
Haidian District, Beijing
Email: yaojie2017{at}iscas{dot}ac{dot}cn

Short Bio

I am a PhD Candidate (from 2018.09; Master Candidate 2016.07-2018.09) in the Chinese Information Processing Laboratory at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the supervision of Professor Xianpei Han and Professor Le Sun.

I received my Bachelor degree in Software School, Xiamen University under the supervision of Professor Jinsong Su in June, 2016. My Bachelor Thesis focus on Bilingual Word Embeddings.

My research interests center on Natural Language Processing, such as Information Extraction, Word Representation, Discourse Analysis.

Repositories I Maintain

[Awesome Resource for NLP] Some useful datasets for NLP.
[NLP Resource in Chinese Conference] Some useful resources for NLP (in Chinese).

Conferences Info

AI Conference Deadlines

Program Committee Members: ACL Rolling Review, AAAI (2021-2022), ACL (2021), EMNLP (2021), COLING (2020), CCL (2019-2021), CCKS (2019-2020).
CIPSC Webmaster (2018-2020).
Last updated: Feb 20th, 2022